The Gardening Year Oct 2019


Get autumn leaves under control

Brightly coloured autumn foliage looks picturesque on your lawn. Unfortunately, it robs the grass of the light that it urgently needs. The results are less colourful: bald patches and the risk of fungal infections. For that reason, it is better to take your leaf rake and clean your lawn of leaves. The collected leaves are nonetheless useful: as protection from delicate shrubs and bushes.

By now, your garden is likely to be to be covered in a blanket of autumn foliage. It may look picturesque, but unfortunately it robs the grass of the light it desperately needs and can cause dead patches and fungal infections. To prevent this, rake your lawn on a regular basis and gather up the leaves which can come in useful elsewhere. They can be stored in bags and rotted down into leaf mould to enrich your soil next year, or simply gather them around delicate shrubs and bushes to keep them protected.

You will also need to rake up any leaves that have fallen on paths, patios and steps as these can cause slip hazards when wet. Be sure to also clear out your gutters using the multi-changeĀ® Gutter Cleaner to allow water to flow freely down drainpipes.