The Gardening Year Apr 2022


Preparing your garden for autumn

Once the warm temperatures pass and it begins to rain more, spend some time dividing and planting out your bushes and shrubs. Begin by cutting off all the plant parts near the ground and dig out the roots. Then shorten them and divide them into several smaller pieces with a spade. Water them well once they have been planted again - and that is it! Your new shrubs will now have sufficient time to grow out before winter comes.

If you have apple or pear trees in your garden, be sure to pick the fruits using the multi-change® Adjustable Fruit Picker, before the wind blows them down. Now is also a good time to check that any tree and plant supports are securely in place before the autumn winds pick up.

Leaves will start to fall over the next couple of months, so prepare for this by putting netting across your ponds to prevent them from rotting in the water. Before the netting is applied, check your pond for any build up of pond weed and algae and make sure this is removed using the multi-change® Pond Net.