The Gardening Year Apr 2022


Cutting back for winter

Now that the falling leaves have left trees bare, use it as an opportunity to tidy up and clear away any unwanted branches, being sure to remove any dead wood along the way. In addition, prune any fruit bushes and trees whilst they are dormant, to control their size and encourage fruiting. WOLF-Garten offer a wide range of loppers to help with your specific cutting requirements; view the full range here.

It is also an ideal time to make your last lawn edging cut of the season. Use the multi-change® Lawn Edge Iron to separate any overhanging grass from the edge of your lawn. It can be useful to use a long board to act as a ruler and ensure you do not go off course and quickly produce a sharp lawn edge.

As leaves continue to fall throughout this month, be sure to clear them from your garden regularly to ensure your lawn gets plenty of sunlight and to prevent slip hazards on your patios. Our multi-change® Plastic Leaf Rake is the ideal tool to use for this task.

If you are planning to light a bonfire, check it carefully before lighting in case there are any hedgehogs or other wildlife sheltering inside. It is always worthwhile keeping an eye on all garden wildlife through the winter months by leaving out food, keeping bird baths topped up with water and keeping bird feeders clean.