The Gardening Year Dec 2019


Cleaning and storing tools for winter

While snow and ice cover your garden, you can use the quiet time in winter to maintain and clean up lawnmowers, shears and cordless tools for the coming garden season. The garden tools from WOLF-Garten are long-lasting and need little maintenance, but as with all tools, they still require care and attention to keep them performing at their best.

After a whole season of garden work your spades, edge trimmers and small tools have earned a thorough cleaning, First remove any earth clinging to them. Then take a brush, rags and a bucket of water and get started. First rinse everything off thoroughly with water, then rub the metal parts dry and rub in some vegetable oil. If you find any rust, use a wire brush on it. If that does not work, use rust remover. Check also that all the handles are still firmly attached.

Sharpening shears

Preserve the high quality of all WOLF-Garten shears by cleaning the blades regularly and resharpening them yourself with a whetstone. Blades that have become blunt can be replaced even after many years.


Maintaining lawnmowers

After the lawnmower has been used for the last time, thoroughly clean it to remove any remnants of grass and earth and dry it off.

Storing cordless tools

Rechargeable batteries do not need any maintenance but they should be stored under specific conditions to lengthen their life. Cool (around 10 to 15°C) and dry rooms are best for lithium-ion (LI-ION) batteries. The optimal level of charge is between 40 and 60%. Metal parts such as coins or screws can easily cause short circuits. Ensure therefore that they cannot come into contact. Always remove the batteries or power packs from your corresponding WOLF-Garten tools so that they cannot leak.

Order is important and this extends to the garden shed. Use the wintertime to store your garden tools in a clear and space-saving way. For multi-change® tools there is the UMM Tool Holder System which has four tool holders on a width of 80cm. This means you will have everything to hand much more quickly when the new season starts.