The Gardening Year Apr 2022


Protecting your winter garden

Throughout the winter months, it may not be as appealing to spend long days in the garden. However, there are still some important jobs to be done to ensure your plants and shrubs are well protected.

Fallen leaves and debris can smother smaller plants during this season so be sure to clear these using the multi-change® springtine rake before they cause any damage. You may wish to also move any exposed dormant plants to more suitable locations, particularly if snow is forecast. In addition, make sure that any wet leaves and moss are cleared regularly from paths, patios and steps. On dry days, use the multi-change® Patio Brush to clean up patios and prevent the risk of slipping.

Once you have taken your Christmas decorations down, make the most of your Christmas tree and wreathes by shredding them using the Universal Shredder.

The material can then be recycled into mulch to be used around your garden. Simply work it into the soil with a trowel and fork, digging over any gaps in your borders and removing weeds using the multi-change® Push/Pull Weeder as you go to best prepare the soil for spring.

If you are expecting snow, remember that your multi-change® Hand Trowel can double up as a handy tool for spreading salt!