The Gardening Year Jul 2019


Caring for your lawn

The lawn is generally the centrepiece on which life in the garden takes place. A few regular actions ensure that your lawn will look its best all summer long and grow again vigorously next year.


Mowing frequently and with less height is better than an occasional radical shortening of tall grass. For that reason we recommend that you mow your lawn once a week. Let the grass stalks grow 5 to 8cm long in summer - you can easily set the different heights on your lawnmower.

WOLF-Garten offers you a number of different models for this including battery-powered cordless and electric lawnmowers.

Cutting and trimming edges

What is the use of having a perfectly mowed lawn if the edges are untidy? For a perfect lawn finish you will require an edge cutter, lawn edging iron and a trimmer. The WOLF-Garten range provides plenty of choice for every requirement.


A new lawn regularly requires water for some weeks until it has set deep roots. You will need to water existing lawns if the grass blades do not spring back upright at once after they are walked on. It is important that the water penetrates at least 12cm deep into the ground, right to the ends of the roots so that the lawn plants can form deep roots. If you water more often but too little, then the lawn will not form deep roots and will dry out more quickly.

Destroying weeds

Dandelions, plantains and buttercups increasingly make their way onto your lawn and should be dug out regularly together with their roots. If you have larger areas of lawn then weed killer and moss killer will help you save time when tackling the weeds.